Third Grade

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Samantha Bryant

Third Grade Teacher

Ashley Bupp

Third Grade Teacher

Mary Evans

Third Grade Teacher

Maile Howell

Third Grade Teacher

Nicole Manning

Third Grade Teacher

Benjamin McKinney

Third Grade Teacher

Mindy Thomas

Third Grade Teacher

Julie Williford

Third Grade Teacher

Teacher Favorites


Click on the tab with your teacher's name to see a quick list of favorites.  Want to know more? Click on the button at the bottom of the list for a more detailed printable attachment.

Mrs. Bryant

Name:       Samantha Bryant                 Birthday:  June 26
Beverages:   Diet Coke, water, Starbucks caramel Frappuccino, Starbucks peppermint mocha 
Favorite Sonic Drink: Diet Coke 
Food/Restaurant:   Chick-Fila-A, Rosa’s Café, Jersey Mikes
Snacks/Treats:  Smartfood popcorn, chex mix, chips and queso
Gift cards (yourself):   Amazon/Target
Gift cards (school):   Amazon/Target/Ikea

Mrs. Bryant's Favorites

Mrs. Evans

Name:   Mary Grace Evans                 Birthday: March 27
Beverages:   Starbucks
Favorite Sonic Drink:  Cherry Limeade
Food/Restaurant:   Chick-fil-A /On the Border/Chili's
Snacks/Treats:   Chex Mix, 100 calorie snacks,  Chips/Queso, Gum/Mints
Gift cards (yourself):   Starbucks and Target
Gift cards (school):   Target/Amazon

Mrs. Evans's Favorites

Mrs. Howell

Name:   Maile Howell                 Birthday: 2/26/82
Allergies: pork/shellfish
Beverages:   water/Ice tea/coffee
Favorite Sonic Drink: Peach tea
Food/Restaurant:   Starbucks
Snacks/Treats:   I love sweets of any kind/ Kind bars
Gift cards (yourself):   Target/Starbucks
Gift cards (school):   Amazon

Mrs. Howell's favorites

Mrs. Manning

Name:   Nicole Manning                 Birthday: February 3
Beverages:   Coke / peach tea / any sonic SLUSH
Food/Restaurant:   Seafood / Wing Stop / Texas Roadhouse
Snacks/Treats:   Nuts / popcorn / beef jerky /  chips / fruit
Gift cards (yourself):   Amazon / Massage
Gift cards (school):   Amazon

Mrs. Manning's favorites

Mrs. McAdow

Name:   Ashley McAdow                 Birthday: May 25
Beverages:  Starbucks/Sonic Tea
Favorite Sonic Drink: Unsweet peach tea
Food/Restaurant: Chick-fil-a/Chipotle/On the Border
Snacks/Treats:  Pistachios/Unsalted peanuts/Fruit/Brownies/Cookies
Gift cards (yourself): Target/Amazon/Starbucks/Chick-fil-a/Chipotle
Gift cards (school):  Amazon

Mrs. McAdow's favorites

Mr. McKinney

Name:   B.J. McKinney         Birthday: December 2     
Beverages:  Dr Pepper, vanilla latte
Favorite Sonic Drink:   Cherry limeade 
Food/Restaurant:   Raising canes, lazy dog 
Snacks/Treats:   Doritos, peanut m&ms  
Gift cards (yourself):   Target, amazon
Gift cards (school): Target, Amazon

Mr. McKinney's Favorites

Mrs. Thomas

Name:  Mindy Thomas        Birthday: February 19th 
Beverages:   NO COFFEE, Dr. Pepper, Crystal Light Strawberry Lemonade drink mix
Favorite Sonic Drink: Dr. Pepper
Food/Restaurant:   Jason’s Deli, Domino’s, Olive Garden, Chuy’s
Snacks/Treats:   Nothing Bundt Cakes – marble, red velvet, chocolate chip; Snickers, Gardettos, m&ms, Julio’s Mexican Tortilla chips,  frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts
Gift cards (yourself):   Target, Amazon, Elegant Nails on Broad Street, Avanté Salon, Hobby Lobby
Gift cards (school):   Target, Amazon

Mrs. Thomas's Favorites

Mrs. Williford

Name:   Julie Williford                 Birthday: 10-24
Beverages:  Spindrift orange/mango, coffee
Favorite Sonic Drink:   water with lemons and limes
Food/Restaurant:   El Primo, Costa Vida, Jason’s deli
Snacks/Treats:   milk chocolate, peanuts, greek yogurt 
Gift cards (yourself):   Visa or make a donation to Mission Mansfield
Gift cards (school):   Amazon or Target

Mrs. Williford's Favorites