Special Education

picture of SpEd team


Nicole Dabbs

Speech Language Pathologist

Deborah DiBlasi

Resource Teacher

Suzanne Geelen

Resource Teacher

Lori Goetz

Resource & Content Mastery Teacher

Anita Taylor


Teacher Favorites


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Mrs. Dabbs

Name:   NICOLE DABBS                 Birthday: Sept 13
Beverages:   DIET DR PEPPER 
Food/Restaurant:   SUSHI, CHICK-FIL-A, ROSAS
Gift cards (yourself):   STITCH FIX, TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS
Gift cards (school):   TARGET, MARDELS, SUPER DUPER

Mrs. Dabbs's favorites

Mrs. DiBlasi

Name:   Deb DiBlasi                 Birthday: June 24
Beverages:   Diet Coke
Food/Restaurant:   Chik-Fil-A, Fuzzy's, Sonic
Snacks/Treats:   Snicker Bars, Peanut M&M's, Trail Mix
Gift cards (yourself):   Same as Food/Restaurants and Stores (personal)
Gift cards (school):   Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Joann's Fabrics

Mrs. DiBlasi's favorites

Mrs. Geelen

Name:   Suzanne Geelen                 Birthday: Nov 9
Beverages:   diet coke
Food/Restaurant:   Chick-fil-a, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chili's
Snacks/Treats:   Twizzlers, nuts
Gift cards (yourself):   nail salon, Marshalls
Gift cards (school):   Target

Mrs. Geelen's favorites

Ms. Goetz

Name:   Lori Goetz                 Birthday: Nov 26
Beverages:   Starbuck's  and water
Food/Restaurant:   Any
Snacks/Treats:   Roasted almonds, trail mix, fruit
Gift cards (yourself):    Academy, Target
Gift cards (school):   Staples, Mardel

Ms. Goetz's favorites

Mrs. Taylor

Name:   Anita Taylor                 Birthday: June 30
Beverages:   diet pepsi
Food/Restaurant:   subway
Snacks/Treats:   almonds
Gift cards (yourself):   bath and body works
Gift cards (school):   office deport

Mrs. Taylor's favorites