Emilie Chiozza

Kindergarten Teacher

LaKeisha Hickerson

Kindergarten Teacher

Jasmin Perez

Kindergarten Teacher

Valerie Raggs

Kindergarten Teacher

Jennifer Salinas

Kindergarten Teacher

Lynzee Stock

Kindergarten Teacher

Teacher Favorites


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Mrs. Chiozza

Name:   Emilie Chiozza                 Birthday: May 27
Beverages:   Coffee (Café Latte), Tea, Water, Strawberry Limeade
Food/Restaurant:   Rosa's, Chick Fil A, Jason’s Deli
Snacks/Treats:   Angie's Popcorn, Trail Mix, Brownies, Cinnamon Rolls
Gift cards (yourself):   Amazon, Home Depot
Gift cards (school):   Hobby Lobby

Mrs. Chiozza's Favorites

Mrs. Hickerson

Name:   Keisha Hickerson                 Birthday: Oct. 23
Allergies: Gluten: wheat, barley, rye
Beverages:   CranGrape, Life Water, Voss Water, Cranberry Slush from Sonic
Food/Restaurant: Chickfila, Jason’s Deli, Carrabbas, anything that carries gluten free options 
Snacks/Treats:   Hummus, skittles in the purple bag, hot tamales,  Gluten Free cinnamon roasted almonds. 
Gift cards (yourself):   Massage Envy, Target, Mardel, New York and Co. H&M
Gift cards (school):   Mardel, Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Amazon

Mrs. Hickerson's favorites

Miss. Perez

Name:  Jasmin Perez                          Birthday: November 11th
Beverages:  Simply Lemonade with Raspberry, Caramel Frap or White Mocha(Hot)
Food/Restaurant: Pluckers, Freebirds, Texas Roadhouse, Panera, Cheesecake Factory 
Snacks/Treats: Kit Kat, Hershey, Wild Berry Skittles, Hot Cheetos, Chocolate covered almonds/strawberries
Favorite Sonic Drink: Cherry Limeade or Ocean Water Slush
Gift cards (yourself): Target, Amazon, Hand & Stone Massage, Nail Salon
Gift cards (school):   Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Dollar Tree

Miss. Perez's favorites

Mrs. Raggs

Name:   Valerie Raggs                 Birthday: June 15
Beverages:   Sprite, Arnold Palmer (half tea/half lemonade), Cran Grape
Food/Restaurant:   Texas Roadhouse, Joe's Crab Shack, On the Border, Pluckers, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Wingstop
Snacks/Treats:   Cheetos, Snickers, pistachios, Nutter Butter cookies, trail mix
Gift cards (yourself):   Amazon, Amaris Nails & Spa, Hand & Stone Massage, Target, Macy's, Marshalls, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Visa
Gift cards (school):   Mardel, Michaels, Walmart, Target, Lakeshore Learning, Staples, Hobby Lobby

Mrs. Raggs's favorites

Mrs. Salinas

Name:   Jennifer Salinas                 Birthday: June 13
Beverages:   Route 44 ice water/Starbucks-skinny mocha
Food/Restaurant:   Texas Roadhouse, Chick-fil-A  and Chili’s
Snacks/Treats:   Macadamia nuts, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, Pringles
Gift cards (yourself):   Macys, Dillards, Target, Chili’s, Kohls
Gift cards (school):   CVS (to print pictures), Target, Teachers Pay Teachers (online), Mardel

Mrs. Salinas's favorites

Mrs. Stock

Name:    Mrs. Lynzee Stock         Birthday:  November 4th
Beverages:   Iced white mocha, Cherry Limeaid, Unsweet iced tea
Food/Restaurant:   Texas Roadhouse, Fuzzy’s, Cheesecake Factory
Snacks/Treats:   Chocolate, FRUIT, pretzels, snickers
Favorite Sonic Drink: Cherry Limeaid
Gift cards (yourself):   Target, Elegant Nails and spa, Marshall’s, Starbucks, Amazon
Gift cards (school):   Target, Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers!! 

Mrs. Stocks's favorites