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Mrs. Lorenson

Name:   Brandy Lorensen             Birthday: September 15
Beverages:   Water
Favorite Sonic Drink: Lemon Berry Water
Food/Restaurant:   One The Border
Snacks/Treats:   Goldfish/dove chocolate- without nuts
Gift cards (yourself):   Target/ Amazon/Starbucks
Gift cards (school):   TeacherPayTeacher/Target/Amazon

Mrs. Lorenson's Favorites

Mrs. Virgen

Mrs. Carter

Name: Whitney Carter                    Birthday: 11/17
Beverages: unsweet ice tea and white chocolate mocha
Favorite Sonic Drink: unsweet iced tea
Food/Restaurant:  Chic Fil A and chipotle 
Snacks/Treats:   dark chocolate covered almonds
Gift cards (yourself):   Target and World Market
Gift cards (school):   Target and $ Tree

Mrs. Carter's Favorites