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Valerie Brookby

Reading Specialist

Nikki Martin

ESL Teacher

Teacher Favorites


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Mrs. Brookby

Name:   Valerie Brookby                 Birthday: Oct. 6
Beverages:   Coffee (nonfat latte)
Favorite Sonic Drink: unsweet tea
Food/Restaurant:   Starbucks
Snacks/Treats:   Popcorn
Gift cards (yourself):   Starbucks
Gift cards (school):   Target

Mrs. Brookby's favorites

Mrs. Martin

Name:   Nikki Martin                 Birthday: June 20
Beverages:   Unsweet Iced Tea or Skinnny Vanilla Latte
Favorite Sonic Drink:  Orange Cream Slush or Unsweetened Tea
Food/Restaurant:   Starbucks, Chicfila, Texas Roadhouse
Snacks/Treats:   Peanut M&Ms, Reese’s Sticks, Sweet & Salty Peanut Bars, Cheetos Puffs  
Gift cards (yourself):   Starbucks or Amazon
Gift cards (school):   Amazon or Target

Mrs. Martin's favorites