First Grade

picture of 1st grade team


Valerie Adkins

First Grade Teacher

Ruth Bower

First Grade Teacher

Kim Ellis

First Grade Teacher

Anne Farwell

First Grade Teacher

Wendy Harrelson

First Grade Teacher

Jamie Partington

First Grade Teacher

Teacher Favorites


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Mrs. Adkins

Name:   Valerie Adkins                 Birthday: Nov 29
Beverages:   water, coke
Restaurant:   Sonic, Chicken Express, Olive Garden, Chick-fil-a
Snacks/Treats:   popcorn, pretzels, raw almonds, chocolate, sour jellybeans
Gift cards (yourself):   Sonic, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Gracie Lane, Calloways 
Gift cards (school):   Mardel, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Half Price Books, Really Good Stuff, Lakeshore Learning

Mrs. Bower

Name:   Ruth Bower                 Birthday: Sept 28
Allergies: I'm diabetic, so candy should be sugar free
Beverages:   diet pepsi  (I do not like coffee of any kind)
Food/Restaurant:   Mexican/Wingstop/Sonic/Chick-fil-a/Moo-Yah
Snacks/Treats:   nuts/garlic butter ritz crackers/sugar free bubble gum/
Gift cards (yourself):   Sam Moon/Pedicures/Target/Restraunt/Movies/
Gift cards (school):   Mardel's

Mrs. Ellis

Name:   Kim Ellis                 Birthday: June 13
Beverages:   Coffee and Dr. Pepper
Food/Restaurant:  Rosa’s, Joe T’s, Sushi,  any food really!! 
Snacks/Treats:   Hot Cheetoes, Dill Pickle Lays, Reeses
Gift cards (yourself):   Starbucks, Amazon, Target
Gift cards (school):   Amazon

Mrs. Farwell

Name:   Anne Farwell                 Birthday: Nov 14
Beverages:   coffee
Food/Restaurant:   Mexican, Italian, Pappasitos, Olive Garden, Chuy's, Whataburger
Snacks/Treats:   Butterfingers Bites, Gummi Savers (5 flavor)
Gift cards (yourself):   Cinemark movies, Sonic, Starbucks
Gift cards (school):   Mardel, Target, Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon

Mrs. Harrelson

Name:   Wendy Harrelson                 Birthday: May 8
Beverages:   Coffee, and an occasional Coke
Food/Restaurant:   Sonic, In and Out, Subway, Rosita's, Pizza -  anything quick, we are always on the run!
Snacks/Treats:   Chex Mix, Popcorn, Butterfingers, Dark Chocolate
Gift cards (yourself):   
Gift cards (school):   

Mrs. Partington

Name:   Jamie Partington               Birthday:  March 11, 1990
Beverages:   coffee, unsweet tea, diet coke
Food/Restaurant:   Panera Bread, Chick-Fil-A, Subway, Olive Garden
Snacks/Treats:  Wheat Thins(reduced fat), Almonds, Dark Chocolate
Favorite Sonic Drink: Raspberry Lemon Water or Unsweet Peach Tea
Gift cards (yourself):   Starbucks, Target, Loft
Gift cards (school):   Target, Kroger, Office Depot