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Enrichment Team

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Kathy Brown


Tracy Edwards

Music Teacher

Javier Garcia

Music Aide

Carol Ginn

P.E. Aide

Adrea Lamar

Art Teacher

Tracy Stapp

P.E. Teacher

Maggie Williams

Technology Teacher

Teacher Favorites


Click on the tab with your teacher's name to see a quick list of favorites.  Want to know more? Click on the button at the bottom of the list for a more detailed printable attachment.

Mrs. K Brown

Name:   Kathy Brown                             Birthday: Feb. 7th
Beverages:   Starbuck’s-Carmel Macchiato, Frappuccino’s
Food/Restaurant:   Anything Mexican/Jason’s Deli/Whataburger/Olive Garden
Snacks/Treats:   Nuts/Popcorn/Chips & Salsa/Dark Chocolate
Favorite Sonic Drink: Coke Zero/Diet DP
Gift cards (yourself):   Amazon/Marshall’s/Starbucks
Gift cards (school):   Barnes & Noble/Hobby Lobby

Mrs. K. Brown's Favorites

Mrs. Edwards

Name:   Tracy Edwards                 Birthday: Feb 9
Beverages:   Coffee, tea, flavored water
Food/Restaurant:   Chick-fil-a, Subway, Starbucks, Chipotle
Snacks/Treats:   Popcorn, pretzels, nuts, beef jerky
Gift cards (yourself):   Target, Starbucks
Gift cards (school):   Target, Itunes

Mrs. Edwards's favorites

Mr. Garcia

Name:   Javier Garcia                 Birthday: Sept 30
Beverages:   Coffee, La Croix Sparkling Water, Water
Food/Restaurant:   Chipotle, Chick fil a, Joe T Garcias, Texas Roadhouse, Pho, Glorias
Snacks/Treats:   Almonds, Trail Mix, Protein Bars, Granola Bars, Peanuts, Nothing Bundt Cakes
Gift cards (yourself):   Amazon, Old Navy, Academy
Gift cards (school):   Target, Walmart, Mardels

Mr. Garcia's favorites

Mrs. Ginn

Name:   Carol Ginn                 Birthday: March 17
Beverages:   Dr Pepper, Carmel Frapps
Food/Restaurant:   Mexican Food, Chick Fil A, ANY :-)
Snacks/Treats:   chips & salsa. hot tamales. oreos
Gift cards (yourself):   Sonic, Target, Hobby Lobby, Star Bucks
Gift cards (school):   Target, Hobby Lobby

Mrs. Ginn's favorites

Mrs. Lamar

Name:   Diane Lamar                 Birthday: Jan 18
Beverages:   Water, Starbucks
Food/Restaurant:   Chic Fila, subway, panera bread
Snacks/Treats:   Fruit, nuts, caramel
Gift cards (yourself):   Target, Michaels, starbucks
Gift cards (school):   Mardels, office max, Michaels, Hobby Lobby

Mrs. Lamar's favorites

Ms. Stapp

Name:   Tracy Stapp                 Birthday: Apr. 12
Beverages:   Diet Coke
Food/Restaurant:   PE Chang"s
Snacks/Treats:   Chips & Salsa
Gift cards (yourself):   
Gift cards (school):   

Ms. Stapp's favorites

Mrs. Williams

Name:   Maggie Williams                 Birthday: Feb. 25
Beverages:   water, sweet tea
Food/Restaurant:   Chik-fil-A, Asian, Mexican, pretty much anything
Snacks/Treats:   Chocolate, fruit, nuts
Gift cards (yourself):   Hobby Lobby, Target, Amazon, Walmart, itunes
Gift cards (school):   Mardel's, Hobby Lobby, amazon, Office Depot

Mrs. Williams's favorites